Spy26 - E01 On The Trail Of Beautiful Model

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106   6 months ago
anonymous | 4 subscribers
106   6 months ago
Hello. NANO 26 is an incredible gem! The drone is smaller than chewing gum and totally packed with technologies. I ordered it yesterday and today the delivery service delivered it to me. I let it immediately fly out to spy. As a completely random target, I chose a young lady who was just walking down the street. Long-haired blonde, looking like a model. I followed behind her back home. The beauty must have been pretty horny because she immediately jumped on her dude's cock. From a distance of a few centimeters, I saw her pussy completely wet. I flew around unnoticed and enjoyed it more than they did. At first she had her beautiful ass spanked by him and then she started riding his hard cock. When he finally sent a powerful dose of cum right on her face, he almost got me down. It was a massacre! Guys, don't you have this drone yet?


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